The distinctive flavors and smells are one of the most striking qualities of marijuana, and it varies between strains. The flavors and smells are produced by terpenes, which are small molecules with repeating units of the organic compound isoprene. They are mostly produced by conifers but also by many plants to a varying degree. We use only organically grown Southern Oregon Cannabis to craft the finest flavors for the connoisseur. Terpenes do not contain THC but can be used to flavor oils and flower. Bring your stash to life with the smells and flavors of cannabis kissed by the Southern Oregon sun. 

Alien OG

Blueberry Lavender Peaches

Bubble Gum

Nice Dreams

Rogue Sour

Sour Diesel

Mr. Nice

Purple Hindu Kush

S.a.g.e 'N' Sour